Regent's Place


About the project

Benchmark made two remarkable reception desks for 10 Brock Street, part of British Land’s Regent Place complex which is home to nearly 10,000 office workers and residents.

These multi-faceted desks, one an enormous 10 metre desk for the main reception with a 6m back unit, and the other a 6m desk for the reception area of the floors taken by Debenhams, were conceived by architects Wilkinson Eyre.

The multi-angled components certainly made the geometry of these desks a challenge and took several months to resolve.  The desk was modelled on CAD, working first on the outer shell and then building on the next layer of plywood cladding with each panel requiring changes in dimensions to ensure perfectly mitred joints.  The next step was to construct a complex rib system for the skeleton of the desk. Once the framework of the desk was complete, we planned for cable management, computer wells and storage.  Finally the 3D CAD model was deconstructed into individual components to be programmed for the CNC machine.

With the framework complete, attention was turned to the cladding. It is a testament to the skill of our metalworkers that the desks are often thought to be cast bronze due to their seamless finish. In fact, they are clad in sheets of gilding metal that were cut, bent, welded, ground and polished by hand over many, many hours.

Also made by Benchmark was the geometric reception seating and solid oak tables.


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Key Facts & Features

Client: British Land
Architect: Wilkinson Eyre
Project Scope: 2 Reception Desks and Reception Area Seating
Project Value:
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