Most of Britain's iconic zinc and pewter bars and counters were made by us...

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Our metal workshop is one of the most specialist in the UK. Based on a very traditional skill set, it is not something that can be replicated by machine.  The knowledge has simply been passed through generations from father to son, to apprentice. 

We work with zinc and other non-ferrous materials such as copper, pewter, bronze and gilding metal. These materials all have particular qualities that we love as they have a handmade look and feel which differentiates them from other highly manufactured materials such as stainless steel.

We combine the traditional hand skills with specialised machinery and tooling.  We support this with full CAD drawing and modelling and the latest CNC manufacturing.

We work with many leading restaurant groups - most of Britain's iconic zinc and pewter bars and counters were made by us.  We can design and build an entire bar and restaurant or work to your specification. We work with experienced bar systems contractors on the inner workings of the bars.  We have also made many reception desks for hotels and offices as well as zinc topped tables and worktops.
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