Design for Good: Year long Fixperts Residency at Benchmark

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Last year, Sean met Daniel Charny,  curator, educator, designer, who joined us in our Craft v Technology Conversation at Clerkenwell Design Week.  They had a meeting of minds. Sean was already a fan of Daniel's Power of Making exhibition at the V&A, highlighting the role of making in our lives, the craft, skill and people. It was then that he learnt more about Fixperts, a rather brilliant idea that is spreading worldwide, co-founded by Daniel and James Carrigan of Sugru.
Fixperts is about fixing for someone. It is a creative social platform and education project that invites people who are good at making and repair to fix for others. Fixperts has been described by commentators, including the New York Times, The Financial Times and Make Magazine as embodying the makers movements social engagement. It empowers people to apply their knowledge, skills and creativity to solve practical and social problems rather than accepting the world as they find it.
Finding a common ground in love for making and the importance of engaging with the next generation of designer makers, Sean's idea for a Fixperts Residency will become a reality. The Fixperts Residency is a year-long paid placement within the Benchmark workshop, tasked with Design For Good - fixing for someone else. The applicant will be fully immersed in our workshop, with access to our master craftsmen and community. 
It's an incredible opportunity for a recent graduate to apply themselves to purposeful design, and be exposed to all areas of the business. The timetable as follows:

19th May: Open invitations for applicants  
3rd July: Deadline for submissions
1st September: The Residency commences

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